How to get to Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart

How to get to Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart © Technomode

The oldest and legendary Mercedes-Benz plant is situated in Sindelfingen city. The very first car left exactly this concern. I think everyone’d like to visit such a significant for a world car industry enterprise. Now I’ll tell you how to do this and what exactly you’ll see during an excursion.

So, primarily, you need to choose correct time when you are in Stuttgart and able to come to Mercedes-Benz plant. It’s worth counting time of the excursion – it lasts more than 2 hours. Then you’ll e-mail representatives of the plant and make an appointment. An e-mail’s required to write in English, you can use Google-translator or your own knowledge for it.

The excursion at the plant is free, but taking photos or videos are not allowed. It’s impossible to negotiate with the Germans – rules are above all. In due time a small multinational group gathers in the Mercedes-Benz Kundencenter Sindelfingen hall and the excursion begins. Firstly, you’ll watch a short movie, then you’ll be given protective goggles, bright vests and headphones. By the way, you may keep the vest as a gift.

How to get to Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart © Technomode

It’s no need to walk through the huge territory on foot, a comfortable bus is available for the movement of a group. And now is the most interesting part – the visit of the plant itself and impression from the industrial power ever seen. Just a little history ofDaimler and the origin of its brand Mercedes Benz: Daimler AG’s origin is in an Agreement of Mutual Interest signed on 1 May 1924 between Benz & Cie (founded 1883 by Karl Benz) and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (founded 1890 by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach). Both companies continued to manufacture their separate automobile and internal combustion engine brands until, on 28 June 1926, Benz & Cie. and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft AG formally merged—becoming Daimler-Benz AG—and agreed that, thereafter, all of the factories would use the brand name of Mercedes-Benz on their automobiles.

The Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant is the centre of competence for upper-range and luxury-class vehicles, and also the lead plant for the production of the S- and E-Class model series. Going forward, this will also be the location for the production of electric vehicles of the new EQ product and technology brand. Together with the central production organisation of Mercedes-Benz Cars, the plant employs a workforce of more than 25,000. The site is the location for the production of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (sedan and estate), the CLS and the CLS Shooting Brake, the S-Class (sedan, coupé and cabriolet), the Mercedes-Maybach and the Mercedes-AMG GT.. The area of the plant is very large and reaches 3 square kilometers. The plant territory is such huge, that staff has to ride bicycles, drive cars and buses through it. About 400 thousand cars are produced here every year. 

At first, our group was shown an assembly line, at the end of which a ready car comes out. At each location of the production a future car is supplemented by a definite part – employees fasten doors, instrument panels and other elements of interior and exterior of a car. Here you may see an interesting show-room, where Mercedes of E-class is presented in section. Guests of an excursion may see in detail from which pieces a car is assembled and assess their highest quality.

How to get to Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart © Technomode

Of course, excursionists were delighted by the only workshop, where are welded and riveted car bodies of future Mercedes. As a matter of fact, robots alone work in a huge area. Massive machines very fast twist large car parts in the air and pass them to each other. Supreme accuracy and one-hundred-percent quality control, which mostly superior to manual labor, are amazing.

You may see 2 unique vehicles at the plant, one of which is the modern SLR McLaren, second is the vintage motor carriage with petrol engine from 1886 made by Carl Benz, who is one of the Daimler company founders and also is one of the first car makers. By the way, this carriage is considered to be one of the first cars, appeared in the world. The carriage had only one horse power.

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