On the production of Russian eletrogitar – Inspector Guitars brand

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

The first and, currently, the only production of serial electric guitars was opened in Russia a year ago. Domestic instruments are produced under the brand of Inspector Guitars. Budget line of guitars successfully combines price and quality, and is perfect for beginning musicians. In assortment of the company there are more serious, professional tools, and also instruments of handmade and artisan work. In order to tell you how the first serial electric guitars produced in Russia are born, we looked in to guys in the Moscow workshop.

In the beginning there was a guitar repair workshop

Now it’s difficult to count how many guitars have come through hands of the founders of the Inspector Guitars brand. The guys started 12 years ago from a guitar repair and tuning workshop. Such popular Russian musicians brought here their instruments. It’s no wonder that many-years’ work experience of the workshop has grown into the creation of their own production, which is a prime example of import substitution. By the way, in addition to domestic customers, the guys have a plenty of orders from abroad: England, Japan, Norway and Poland. Now in these countries there are also musicians who play the Russian guitar of Guitars Inspector company.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

The creation process of a serial guitar

The new model appears on paper as a sketch-idea. Afterward, the 3D model is developed for CNC machine. This is not an ordinary work and requires highly professional skills. The first trial or rolling model is carved from rough materials, all defects are studied and corrections are revised if needed. This stage can be repeated several times until the desired result is achieved. The process can take quite a long time, up to several months, because there is no limit to perfection.

On average, the machine cuts out one guitar body in 2-3 hours, but the production of the neck for the guitar can take from 6 to 9 hours, depending on the complexity of the model. A large number of blanks can be machined simultaneously with unchangeable quality.

The blanks are then manually processed before painting. The manufacturer uses matte varnishes, which are more sensitive to roughness than glossy ones, so the stage of manual processing is considered to be very important. Painting is also the laborious process and requires experience and time.

The stage of guitar assembling, where parts are turned into an instrument, implements are set and a new-born serial guitar of Russian production is tuned up – is very responsible. Production of one guitar can take 2 – 3 weeks, depending on the manufacturing capacities.

As much domestic as possible

For creation of guitars Inspector Guitars tries to use as many domestic components as possible. Wood for serial models is purchased from credible suppliers from the Caucasus and the Far East. All purchases passes thorough sorting.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

Unfortunately, few accessory parts for guitars are produced in Russia, so guys have rich business ties with America, England, China and even Argentina. But still, one of the main components of electric guitar – pickups are of domestic production. Ilya Fokin FOKIN pickups (Moscow), and Andrey Rybakov ARB pickups (Sevastopol) make pickups for Inspector Guitars. All guitars are completed with cases, which are also sewn in Moscow region. Even CNC machines of domestic production are used.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

The first exhibition — the first sale

Inspector Guitars showed its products for the first time in September 2017 at NAMM musicmesse exhibition and on the first day the ‘historic deal’ had been made. The first guitar was sold, which in fact can be considered to be the birth day of a new domestic manufacturer. Guys still remember their first purchaser, and wish him artistic success.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

The Inspector Guitars company as a responsible manufacturer, which actions suit to the words, gives an annual warranty for their instruments. Up to this day there hasn’t been a single case of warranty repair! With that, the company sold more than 500 guitars in jist one year.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

A New year’s gift

Inspector guitar can be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer, or you can also hold and listen to the instruments of Inspector Guitars company in the showroom and shops of musical instruments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But the company promised that their instruments’ll appear in other cities of Russia in the near future. Everyday work is going on over it. Oddly enough, the electric guitar seems to be a seasonal product, sales fall off in summer months , but no wonder, holidays and vacations. But closer to the New Year holidays the peak of sales begins, which is also clear, because an inexpensive and high-quality instrument is a wonderful gift.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

Unique Katana

From the large line of guitars of Inspector Guitars, which is constantly replenished with new models, I want to highlight the instruments of the Katana series. Bold and original design, considered ergonomics and excellent, modern sounding at a competitive price is a great mix for success. Now a series of Katana guitars is one of the most popular, new models are created in the line: baritones, multimansory guitars and even bass guitar. Several bands went on tour in Europe with this Russian guitar, and it always aroused interest and surprise.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

Can be seen at concerts and TV shows

Yes, the musicians are conservative people, and the  brand power has its own aureole of value. But, for those who aren’t afraid of experiments, Inspector Guitars is like a breath of fresh air. Increasingly, electric guitar of Guitars Inspector can be met in hands of famous musicians: Oleg Izotov, Egor Averyanov, Alexander Strelnikov etc. Domestic guitars had been noticed on different TV-shows, at various concert venues and festivals.. As we were told in the company, they love to watch the reaction very much, when musicians take guitar of Inspector Guitars in hands for the first time and the expression of their faces changes: “from indulgently-squeamish to wonderingly-thunderstricken”.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

What’s next?

As a startup, if Inspector Guitars project may be called was a success and turned into a profitable enterprise. Today, the demand is much higher than the offer, and many customers of the company have to wait for the instrument for one-two months. Guys are already thinking about increasing of production capacity, looking for people interested in the development of production. They are also planning to improve output of the Russian acoustic guitars of excellent quality at a reasonable price. The company is open to any cooperation on Russian serial guitars promotion.

Как рождаются российские электрогитары Inspector Guitars © Техномод

For our part, we wish Inspector Guitars make all plans come true, and hold fists for the first Russian manufacturer of serial guitars. Good luck to you!

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