All pros and cons of the Candy Bianca washing machine

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

Several months ago I took a chance and bought not a classic washing machine, but an innovative Candy Bianca, which is operated from a smartphone. Initially, negative feedbacks published overall on the web, put me a little on the alert, but in fact everything turned up the other way. So, I share my personal experience of the Candy Bianca washing machine usage.

Super-ordinary visual appearance

The design of the Candy Bianca washing machine can’t be called a classic one. At the same time, everything is done in good taste without extra elements. Something like minimalism can be seen actually. However, the basic functionality of the household appliance isn’t lost.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

Installation doesn’t require special skills

Istallation of the washing machine Candy Bianca does not require special skills. All necessary connection hoses are included in the delivery package. Personally, I was able to dismantle the old “washer” and install a new one for about 20-30 minutes. Pleased with the depth of the washing machine, which is appeared to be almost two times smaller than my old household appliance. Meanwhile, Bianca has much more useful tub space.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

Simple operation

It’s necessary to link up Candy Bianca to a wireless Wi-Fi network and install the free app for starting and setting of additional functionality. I’ll tell about it in more detail in the next item. One can select the desired mode with the help of the Smart Ring ‘disk’ and symbolic menu for simple washing. Some parameters are enabled to set: water temperature, drain speed, steam activation and delayed start.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

Free application

It’s necessary to download the free application simply-Fi for use of all the functionality of Candy Bianca, which is available to all users of iOS and Android smartphones. Registration in the network doesn’t take much time, if you read the desired item of the user manual. The application allows to set all washing parameters very accurate, or choose one of the ready-made programs. It’s also important that there are particular programs for washing of children’s clothes and sportswear.

Wide hatch for linen loading

The main problem of most washing machines is a small diameter of the hatch for loading clothes, which brings to mind a small ship illuminator. The device designers of Candy Bianca solved this problem and provided the appliance with a huge hatch. One can easily put laundry into and get it after washing. The unique swing mechanism allows you to open the hatch at 180 degrees.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

The detergent drawer is divided into sections and made with maximum ergonomics. One can try hard to scatter the washing powder or spill the fabric softener.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

ZOOM mode will execute any program in 59 minutes

Due to several systems at a time, ZOOM mode reduces any washing program up to 59 minutes. After activation of the mode, the exclusive Mix Power Jet+ system squirts concentrated detergent directly into the laundry, and the reinforced heating system Boost Heating System brings the water instantly to the needed temperature. All process is controlled by the new CPU Accelerator. With that, the laundry is washed in a short time no worse than in a few hours.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

Washes up to 7 kg at a time

Despite its compact size, Candy Bianca is perfect for a large family. Up to 7 kg of laundry can be washed in the washing machine at a time. Meanwhile, ‘washer’ works so quiet that it can be used even at night. According to the official characteristics, the noise loudness level is 51 DB during washing and 77 DB during drain. At the same time, the absence of drying is well compensated by drain, which is able to work at high speeds – 1400 rpm.

Saves electricity and water

Candy Bianca washing machine consumes an average 0.13 kWh per 1 kg of the loaded linen. If ZOOM function is used, the economy’ll be tangible. Water discharge is about 50 liters per wash. The application simply-Fi has a power saving manager which allows to choose the most optimal settings and help with practical advice.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод

Advanced protection system

Having stydied negative feedbacks about Candy Bianca on the Internet, I realized that they all resolves into an unexpected completion of the program. Yes, at first sight it may really seem that the washing machine is broken. In fact, everything is different, advanced protection system is just activated which prevents breakage. There can be several reasons: a sharp lapse of pressure in the pipeline, an increased level of foam or a disbalance caused by uneven distribution of linen in the tub. During several months, my washing machine stopped twice. The first time was caused by a sudden water closure, and the second – by a disbalance. In any case, I’d rather restart the program than make expensive repair of the washing machine.

Все плюсы и минусы стиральной машины Candy Bianca © Техномод


First of all, it is worth noting that the Candy Bianca washing machine due to the ZOOM mode, saves much of my time. Get clean and almost dried clothes in 59 minutes, isn’t that great? Set the needed program using the mobile phone and Wi-Fi — here is times to come. I’m very glad that I passed over negative feedbacks and chose this particular washing machine. What is left is to wait for the application integration with the newfangled voice assistants and then Siri’ll be able not only to write SMS-messages, but also to wash my laundry.

Advantages of the Candy Bianca washing machine:

– Uncommon design;
– Can be installed by yourself;
– Control via Wi-Fi with the help of free app;
– Wide hatch for loading laundry;
– Execution of any program in 59 minutes;
– Up to 7 kg can be washed at one time;
– Low discharge of electricity and water;
– Drain up to 1400 rpm;
– Advanced protection and warning system.

Disadvantages of the Candy Bianca washing machine:

– No drying.

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